A rare possession

People are complex. Yet, every individual is unique and beautiful in different ways. Our perception of individuals and their behavior is nothing but a reflection of our own experience and prejudices. Life is a journey in itself. We meet so many people and our interactions often impact our lives to a great extent. A kind gesture can uplift someone’s day while a careless behavior can ruin it bad. In the society of ever increasing complexity and individual struggle, being self aware and being conscious of our own reality is a rare possession. It sounds so trivial and simple but can turn out to be a lifesaver in building good relationships of any kind. Being judgemental is easy and so is being mindful before projecting our shortcomings onto others. All it requires is a shift in paradigm in the way we think before we act.
Often we try our best to develop these qualities and feel equally grateful when reciprocated in similar way from others. It hurts the most when people, whom we care and love, fail to acknowledge our efforts. In deeper relationships, a slightest misunderstanding can be very painful.
Some of us are very fortunate to be gifted with individuals with true sense of allegiance and fidelity. Owing to such nature, they open up to us, share with us each and every incident that may or may not be of our liking. The least we can do is, acknowledge the allegiance. Yet we often end up being passive aggressive and lose all control projecting our insecurities. It results in questioning the trustworthiness, the loyalty. Piety is precious. Innocence is not mainstream. We just need to overlook our reactive nature and embrace the individual and their qualities wholeheartedly.
Life is as beautiful as we make of it. We always have choices and our efforts can make a lot of difference in shaping the consequences.
The best thing we can do is open up, make a honest apology of the mistake. Acknowledge the individual for choosing you over anybody else. And next time someone speaks their heart up, Be a good and loyal listener. Feed the trust with life.
Nothing can make the relationships more beautiful and stronger than these tiny gestures and little things.

Are you obstinate or determined?

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Apparent quest for happiness and consequent face of hostility

Happiness is abstract. It is relative, subjective and can be observed from biological as well as philosophical angles. Here the philosophical angle is touched upon and observational viewpoint is expressed.

Most of us, without a doubt, are aspiring to make this world a better place to live. But a serious consideration would be sufficient to convince us of the futility of our efforts in achieving that. No matter how much we try to eradicate the problems of the world, there is hardly any visible difference in the overall scenario from a larger timeline.
One intrinsic problem with every individual is the inherent tendency keep one’s own self over anything else. Everybody hypothetically assumes that he is the key player in the sustenance of the cosmos. And the consequence is incessant struggle to bridge the gap between the expectation and the reality.
But the reality is that the cosmos exists and functions independent of our existence or efforts to maintain it. As Shakespeare rightly told, “The world is a stage and we are actors and actresses playing our individual roles”.  But, we have something more to do than just act.

As a matter of fact, irrespective of any justification, Human beings are meant for some higher purpose in life. This very fact demarcates us from other living entities. And the rhetoric writings of many past as well as present leaders and motivators are testimony to remind us again and again of this reality and the ultimate purpose of our lives. But still, to err is human. We are so much entangled in cynicism that our activities seem to be non-different from any other innocent and helpless living creature. This was not so in earlier days of human civilization. Especially if some considerate study of world history is made, then the Vedic lifestyle comes into picture and such a lifestyle seems so apprehensive to practice these days.
Indeed, current trend is more or less a rat race. People are struggling hard to earn their living and spending their entire human life in vain. This shifting paradigm in our lifestyle is the sole cause of all the visible as well as the dormant problems of the society.

People have forgotten to pay attention to themselves and have stopped to inquire about their real purpose of existence. Our entire life passes in our efforts to maintain our body via Eating, Sleeping, Mating and Defending. Although it may apparently seem to be natural but it isn’t so. Our developed consciousness is meant for some higher purpose. Certainly not to end up being advanced version of animals.

It may sound harsh but the reality cannot be concealed. We need to follow certain rules and regulations in our life and elevate our consciousness to a level that will be exemplary for generations to follow. Nobody is going to survive in this world perpetually so, only by abiding certain higher principles in life, with honesty, it is possible to envision a community free from all chaos and flaws.

Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia is a medical condition in which one develops pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot. This usually gets developed due to deformities in the foot or by use of shoes that are not fitting and are too tight or too loose or even by participating in activities that involve a lot of jumping and running. Usual symptoms include burning sensation or pain in the ball of the foot, extreme pain while standing or running barefoot especially on hard surfaces. Women wearing high heels possess extra chances of this disorder because of extra weight which gets transferred to the front of the foot. Preference of shoes is also very critical. Shoes with a narrow toe box or athletic shoes that lack support and padding also can contribute to the problem significantly. 

To prevent or reduce problems in future, proper footwear containing soles with better shock-absorbing capability should be worn. Therefore, choosing the best running shoes for Metatarsalgia is quite important to prevent or cure the illness.

Things to consider while choosing the best running shoes for Metatarsalgia:

The basic thing to keep in mind is shock absorption. To prevent stress over the ball area, shock generated while standing, running or jumping should be absorbed. For better shock absorption, adequate cushioning is necessary along with the right contour of the sole and midsole. To provide enough support to the arch of the foot, midsole cushioning is very important. Every manufactures provides a different level of cushioning resulting in varied shock absorption so it is recommended to try as many shoes as possible before zeroing on a particular product. Individual try and practical usage of the shoes is more important regardless of the brand and popularity of the shoes available in the market. To improve the cushioning or support, an additional layer of removable insoles can be added to regular shoes.

Another thing to look after while selecting the shoes is the design of the toe rocker which is the curvature which occurs in the design of the shoe at the place where metatarsals begin.

Size of the shoe is also very critical in preventing or curing the disease. Shoe size should neither be too small or too big. It should fit appropriate as per the dimensions of the foot. And trying out all different options available to get the best fit to your feet very much recommended.

Top 10 best running shoes for Metatarsalgia


Best snowmobile goggles


Snowmobiling is a play sport or recreation activity on snow wherein a rider rides over a snowmobile, a vehicle exclusively designed to be plied over snow, to slide over open terrain similar to skiing but using the engine power of the vehicle. The snowmobiles usually do not have any hood or protection to keep the vehicle as lightweight as possible. Most of them have a windshield and runners similar to ski at the front to provide directional control. The rider experiences feel similar to a motorcycle and use the handlebars, connected to the runners, to steer the vehicle.

Most of people love snowmobiling as a leisure and fun activity and find the activity very easy and exciting as compared to others. It also serves as a means to get close to nature and interact with people through group rides or races while finding an escape to the monotonous lifestyle. It is a very pleasurable activity that also helps in releasing stress and improving mental health. It also serves as a great medium for exercise as lo of muscle and physical engagement is demanded as one needs to balance the self with the vehicle over a terrain that is usually uneven and rugged.

Equipment used in snowmobiling: Basic types of equipment used in this activity include the snowmobile, helmet with goggles, gloves, and insulated clothing. There are also snowmobile suits available to provide complete protection against cold and extreme weather. Amongst all the gears, choosing the best snowmobile goggles is very important. It may seem very simple and not so special about the goggles but achieving effective sight without, any hindrance, while enjoying the ride is a critical aspect. Repeated cleaning off the fog, glare from the reflection of the sun on the snow or watery eyes due to entry of too much air are things anybody would like to avoid. Therefore you need to choose the best snowmobile goggles along with all other gears to enjoy the best ride of this beautiful leisure and adventure sport over snowy terrain.



zentralisierung-der-supply-chain-organisationThe way numerous organisations all over the world are evolving, growing and competing with time, it invokes a natural impetus for the developers and founders to work astutely on new and innovative strategies to enhance the productivity of their respective dream child organisation. Out of many alternatives, Internship program, literally, appears like a knight in shining armour. Now, one may inquire how come an internship program, which apparently seems to be the result of an act of inclination of several applicants trying to grab a hand of real time experience as well as exposure, really be beneficial for an organisation conducting such program.

Here are some of the insights that I would like to present my understanding and experience regarding the subject matter. (more…)

Importance of identifying our core skills


Of all resources, greatest resource is human resource and it undoubtedly requires sufficient care and development in order for a society to prosper both economically and socially. Apart from a broader perspective, identifying the necessity to make the best out of a precious human life, on an individual platform, is equally important. In its contemporary scenario, finding people with skills befitting their profession and vice versa is very rare. Infact, in the majority of the cases, we find people switching activities, finding no contentment with any of them. Probable reason might be an identity crisis. In the pursuit of making things work the way people like them, or in quest of imitating the way others have been successful, we forget to interact with our own selves. Our personal identity and interests have been subject to constant mutilation, and the end result is very disturbing. This kind of unfortunate development in the lifestyle of people behoves each of us to take a break for some time and think about our real identity and real interests. (more…)

Artificial Engagement: Good or Bad?


Being engaged in some or the other activity is an inherent tendency of every living being. However small or big the activity may be, with respect to significance, we are conditioned to act and perform. Speaking of humans, our actions have a deeper significance, for behind every such act there is the super-intelligent human brain. But the aptness of the proposed topic is justifiable from the fact that almost everybody in this world is a victim of identity crisis. The way most of us act is not out of our inner satisfaction but out of the need to seek validation from others. Hardly such an artificial and hypocritical understanding and way of leading life can ever bring happiness to anyone. The reality is harsh and must be tackled appropriately. (more…)

Knowing the art of appropriate retrospection


Being retrospective is natural. But retrospection in the absence of appropriate intent and subsequent consequences can prove dangerous. The human brain is a complicated design in itself, and the extraordinary functioning of it even adds up to the complexity. So many thought processes go on in every second of an average human brain and not just that, so much ability it renders to let people achieve wonderful things that it’s been a subject of fascination for many since ages. And yet it is also the storehouse of both sweet and bitter memories of events occurred in the past. (more…)

Shackles of Mortality

Birth again, death again,
caught I’m in the shackles of pain,
life is a journey wth dramatic trails,
as I walk alone with melancholic strain

Dualities are part of my existence,
trying to overcome with all my persistence,
In truth, I always believe,
that victory follows honest perseverance

Families, friends, and relatives untroubled,
Knots of relationships keep me entangled,
when mortal loves another mortal,
consequences ought to be crumpled

tormented I am with desires insatiable,
in search of bliss, I render myself pitiable,
when suffering comes, I blame your jurisdiction,
little do I know how majestic is your subjugation

Give me the strength to fight against every odd,
and lead a life to please you oh my Lord,
shackles of mortality have bound me so tight,
who else can free them except you the supreme God?