The Knight of the Night

Beneath the cold glare of the desolate night,
arises a Knight with all vigour and might
to fight against the darkness of pain and ignorance,
he is not scared to ignite the spark of light

Light of knowledge and intellect is all he seeks,
for there is a night within us and darkness it seeds
Not a Knight to be worn out by conflicts of futility,
he approaches the night with all his might and agility

The shadows of the night seem to retreat
as the knight pins down his enemy to defeat
The silver silence of the night wither alone,
like a storm-tossed wreck, on this night of the treaty

Beyond the farthest edge of the night, he places his dreams so bright
Using the sword of knowledge, he deciphers  the vice
an inferno is kindled as knowledge spreads all across
inferno of happiness and victory forms the sight

Anticipating to relinquish the nights of fathomless ignorance and plight
and to people the night with thoughts and hues so bright
arises a knight within every one of us
all that we need is to strengthen our very own knight

As the lightning cleaves the sky, the Knight fights every night
and the moon shimmers its shine while the clouds witness the sight
There shall be night and there shall be a knight
for without the night, how can knight bring about the light

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