Artificial Engagement: Good or Bad?

Being engaged in some or the other activity is an inherent tendency of every living being. However small or big the activity may be, with respect to significance, we are conditioned to act and perform. Speaking of humans, our actions have a deeper significance, for behind every such act there is the super-intelligent human brain. But the aptness of the proposed topic is justifiable from the fact that almost everybody in this world is a victim of identity crisis. The way most of us act is not out of our inner satisfaction but out of the need to seek validation from others. Hardly such an artificial and hypocritical understanding and way of leading life can ever bring happiness to anyone. The reality is harsh and must be tackled appropriately.

From our very childhood, we have been brought up in an environment that has so much of artificiality and hypocrisy that we begin to lose our very own existence over time. We just tend to do what others expect from us. What others want us to be. And the end result is Identity Crisis. What we eat, what we read, what we speak, how we look, how we dress, and behave with others everything has been victimised by the sway of artificially presenting an identity that actually is not. The problem starts when we grow old enough to realise that we have simply wasted all of our years in only putting up a show of false and artificial presentation of ourselves. In fact, nobody ever likes to be controlled by others. But in expectations of getting respect, reputation or so-called appreciation from the society and the surrounding, we try to present ourselves the way they want us to be. Thus, we have unknowingly become the object of control by our surroundings and society. The society is victimised with this deadly disease to such an extent that such an artificial lifestyle apparently seems to be so natural to all of us. In quest of becoming temporarily happy through so many artificial engagements, we become dissatisfied and frustrated with our lives as time passes by. The reason is natural because the lifestyle that we are leading, by thinking it to be natural, actually has nothing so natural. Everything that we present or is presented to us has a covering of fake expression of thoughts and feelings. And the end result is the social disorder.

People try to imitate the good looking celebrities on television and think that they will also be able to live like the way celebrities are living as being portrayed by them in TVs and movies, but in reality, they are not happy or satisfied by such a showcase of artificial lifestyle either. In a simpler sense, people are being misled in the name of appreciation or social respect. But a deeper introspection into the reality will present us a clear picture of what real happiness is and how it can be achieved. Happiness is not an object to be found from our surroundings. Happiness is actually within us. It is in understanding others that we become happy than in being understood. It is in giving others that we become happy than getting something from others. It is in helping others we become happy than in getting helped by others. So it is important that we identify the missing link within us and try to resolve the problem of artificial engagement if at all we want real happiness in us and in the society.

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