Importance of identifying our core skills

Of all resources, greatest resource is human resource and it undoubtedly requires sufficient care and development in order for a society to prosper both economically and socially. Apart from a broader perspective, identifying the necessity to make the best out of a precious human life, on an individual platform, is equally important. In its contemporary scenario, finding people with skills befitting their profession and vice versa is very rare. Infact, in the majority of the cases, we find people switching activities, finding no contentment with any of them. Probable reason might be an identity crisis. In the pursuit of making things work the way people like them, or in quest of imitating the way others have been successful, we forget to interact with our own selves. Our personal identity and interests have been subject to constant mutilation, and the end result is very disturbing. This kind of unfortunate development in the lifestyle of people behoves each of us to take a break for some time and think about our real identity and real interests.

Each one of us is endowed with some special skills or abilities which need to be identified at the right stage of our life and work on harnessing them as we get professional at them. Ultimately, these are the ways through which our own unique identity can be established and we will feel satisfied over time, for we love to do things that give us inner satisfaction irrespective of what others feel or say about it. The additional degree of freedom which results from such identification is another added privilege. One can try and experiment newer and newer ways to improve the quality of work and venture into the world of creative thinking, producing extraordinary results at the end of the day. One more advantage of this is that our enthusiasm and spirit of works grows exponentially with age. And at the far end of life, one will hardly find any reason to lament or repent for the prior actions.

The importance of identifying our core skills and harnessing them is really important. And this is what differentiates great people like A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Sachin Tendulkar, Pele, Roger Federer, Da Vinci, Edison, etc. from common men. Undoubtedly, most of the times, aspects like the degree of satisfaction and peace in life are directly related to the type of work we do and the environment we live in. To facilitate such favourable conditions, core skills, that form integral part of us, are really beneficial. Through this, one more added advantage is that the quality of work will increase greatly and incidents of innocent getting exploited for personal gratification will drastically decline. Thus a simple step at an appropriate time in one’s life can have a substantial effect not only at a personal level but at a social level as well.

Sheer genius can only be discovered when one’s profession matches with the core personal skills. And what can be more satisfying than to let the genius rise within us and contribute to the betterment of the society and people at large?


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