The way numerous organisations all over the world are evolving, growing and competing with time, it invokes a natural impetus for the developers and founders to work astutely on new and innovative strategies to enhance the productivity of their respective dream child organisation. Out of many alternatives, Internship program, literally, appears like a knight in shining armour. Now, one may inquire how come an internship program, which apparently seems to be the result of an act of inclination of several applicants trying to grab a hand of real time experience as well as exposure, really be beneficial for an organisation conducting such program.

Here are some of the insights that I would like to present my understanding and experience regarding the subject matter.

  • An Internship is a platform that can enable the organisation to enhance its outreach to the student community and thereby attract potential customers interested in the services offered by the organisation. Firms that are newly established in other words startups can take advantage of this platform to maximise their outreach and gain as much reputation as possible. If an individual batch of students is satisfied with the Internship program, then they will attract much more students in years to come. Thus, Internship programs undoubtedly form a cardinal source of advertisement followed by significant repute genesis for the organisation at large.
  • Organisations are always in search for fresh and new ideas to execute their respective ventures, and here again, Internship can serve the purpose by providing pristine candidates, filled with enthusiasm, to work. Thus, the desired purpose is served along with appreciable quality output.
  • No one can disagree with the fact that Students pursuing Internships have his or her prime interest in the Certificate given at the completion of the Internship which he or she can use as a proof of their experience or something that he or she can put in curriculum vitae to enhance their chances of getting selected for a job interview. As a result, most of the organisations can take advantage of this obligatory competition (That they do so) and make the best use of young brains to perform the desired task with minimal investment.
  • Organisations hire employees to work for them by paying hefty salaries, depending on the qualification of the employed men. Considering the aspect of economic optimisation of the organisation, for some small and simple tasks, it becomes unworthy to spend excessive money in employing people to work. Instead, by hiring interns from reputed institutes of the country, the organisation can achieve targets with very little investment in paying stipend if required and awarding certificates to the trainees.

After a careful consideration of above-mentioned aspects, it is clearly visible that Internship can indeed play a pivotal role in benefitting organisations in any field, in their quest for achieving the desired success. The only thing necessary is a planned and structured organisation of an Internship program and ensuring that the program receives sufficient attention among the students because there is practically no deficiency of eligible candidates in contemporary society.

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