Best snowmobile goggles

How to Choose the Best Snowmobile Goggles

It is important to understand all the features and specifications offered in the modern-day snowmobile goggles before finalizing your best snowmobile goggle. Price is the last thing you need to take into account, for the importance of this gear and its impact on your ride has already been highlighted.

Frames: There are plenty of frames available these days but choosing the right ones is very important. Keep in mind that frame should be made of a material that is soft and flexible to give you a pleasant feel. Some goggles come with the option of interchangeable lenses. You need to take care of the frame attachments provided in these goggles so that their system functions perfectly.

Lenses: Primarily there are two options available. One is a polarized lens and the other is a photochromic lens. The polarized lenses are the best but cost more. It is important to verify the authenticity of claims of polarization offered as many claims come out to be a fake marketing gimmick. With photochromic lenses, one should always have the option of lighter and darker shades of colour for use based on the conditions of the day and lighting.

Foam and padding: Along with a flexible frame, choice of foam padding is very important in enhancing the comfort of the goggles. Always prefer multi-layer foam padding to allow the goggles to best fit and support your face while ensuring softness.

Straps: Checking the strap size is also important so that the goggles fir properly in and around the helmet. Practically wearing the goggles along with the helmet or checking user reviews who have purchased goggles along with helmets that can fit them in pairs can also help.

  1. Smith Cadence Interchangeable Goggles with Bonus Lens – Women’s

Built by Smith Optics, these are brilliant snowmobile goggles for women. They come with a cylindrical shaped carbonic-x lens which is interchangeable. Unlike the usual trend of large spherical shaped lenses, the cylindrical design makes the goggle sleek and provides the user with a close fit. The lens offers crystal clear vision and comes with 6 different shades to choose from. The face foam is double layered allowing for greater softness and better fit. The silicone backed, ultra-wide strap provided in the goggles along with a clip buckle allows the goggle to be fit around the helmet of any shape and size. The outrigger positioning system along with adjustable regulator ventilator just enhances the performance of the goggles to a great extent. It is very lightweight and weighs just around 7.2 ounces.

To sum up, these snowmobile goggles are highly recommended for regular users preferring complete features at an effective price tag.

Pros: Best fit for small faces, especially adult women. Doesn’t fog easily.

Cons: Some users received the extra pair of the lens of similar shade and require replacement lenses for use in very bright conditions.

  • 509 Sinister X5 Goggle

These are one of the best snowmobile goggles brought to you by 509. The lenses are polarized and made up of polycarbonate material rendering them scratch resistant and dual pane design makes them fog resistant. The lenses are removable and their redefined design offers a much greater field of view. The frame of X5 is designed with the PHANTOM frame technology. The result of this new design of the frame is that the user gets a greater field of view with least visibility of frame allowing for much better vision. The goggle offers a promising value addition with the help of an oversized nose-mask that is removable. This addition allows for better warmth and comfort and helps in preventing permanent damage due to frostbite as well. The industry standard strap length allows these goggles to fit well around most of the helmets however the manufacturer suggests the best fit with the 509 snowmobile helmets. The goggles are very lightweight and weigh around 1.28 pounds and are available 8 different colour combinations to choose from.

Pros: Better visibility and comfort, fog and scratch resistance work efficiently.

Cons: The nose guard material could have been superior as many users complained of its durability after repeated use.

  • Smith Optics I/O Mag S Adult Snowmobile Goggles

Another offering by Smith Optics, the I/O Mag adult snowmobile goggles are one of the finest when it comes to intuitive and ergonomic design, flexible frame. They come in almost every frame and lens colour possible. They come with spherical Carbonic-X lenses with smith mag interchangeable system which helps in switching between lighter and darker shaded lenses as per the conditions of the day is very easy. The double-pane lens along with coating offers efficient fog resistance. The tilt lens technology offers much better visibility. The frame design is quite responsive and offers a much wider view. The silicon backed straps are of medium length and can be a bit tight on large size helmets. The goggle weighs around 12.8 ounces which is quite lightweight. You also get a microfiber bag along with replacement lens sleeve to carry your goggles with ease.

The overall design and standard features expected from a perfect snowmobile goggle can be discovered in the mentioned product from Smith.

Pros: Innovative and ergonomic design

Cons: Medium fit, can be tight on larger helmets.

  • Fly Racing Adult 2019 Focus Snow Goggle Snowmobile

These are another pair of snowmobile goggles that you might prefer to choose. They come with dual pane lens made up of polycarbonate material and premium coatings which help in much better scratch and fog resistance even in extreme weather conditions. The lenses are interchangeable. The frame is made up of polyurethane material making it very lightweight. The field of view is greatly enhanced due to engineered frame design. The padding is improved with the premium three-layered foam resulting in tight fit yet comfortable and moisture free contact with the face. It also comes with an optional nose-guard fitment to provide warmth and comfort in extreme conditions. The buyer also gets a microfiber goggle bag to carry the goggles with ease. To sum up, this pair of goggles are quite efficient and reliable in terms of comfort and optical performance.

Pros: Anti-fog works well and efficient padding

Cons: Some users might find the goggles wider and larger

  • KLIM Viper Snow Goggle Fade Red Blue Tint

One of the best offerings from KLIM, these goggles boast of the FOV+ frame geometry that restricts any interference from the frame design and thereby enhances the field of view to a great extent. The lenses are made up of polycarbonate UV400 material which is tri-tested. The GEMINI-EYE ANTI-FOG technology along with anti-fog coating on the lens ensured efficient anti-fogging property sup to 3 times longer than regular lenses. Built-up of moisture during manufacturing process usually creates impediment in offering clear vision and this is eradicated by reheating the dual-pane lens after it is thermally bonded for 24 hours. The three-layered foam padding ensures a comfortable fit and moisture-free surface in the insides. A wide strap is provided to assist in fitting the goggles over large size helmets.

Pros: Ventilation, better vision and anti-fogging

Cons: Not scratch resistant

  • Oakley Flight Deck XM Snowmobile Goggles

Oakley uses its proprietary technology called PRIZM lens to provide excellent visibility over snow terrain by strategically blocking various wavelengths across the spectrum. This helps the lenses to perform well under different lighting conditions thereby reducing the need for switching them with changing lighting conditions. The High Definition Optics (HDO) technology, used in these goggles, provides maximum possible clarity at the same time protection from scratches and fogging is kept under check with the help of premium quality anti-fogging coating used in the lenses. It has a wide 50mm strap with silicone to ensure a secure fit across varying helmet sizes. It also houses triple-layered foam padding that helps in a comfortable fit and dry surface in the insides.

Pros: Better clarity and comfortable fit

Cons: less durable and has reported complains of loss in anti-fog features upon impact or fall.

  • Lorsoul Snowmobile Goggles 

It features polyethene and polycarbonate lens made with vacuum coating to prevent fog formation and to resist UVA, UVB, UVC rays from passing in. The surface of the lens is also made scratch-resistant, dust resistant and shockproof. The elastic strap is adjustable to fit around helmets of different sizes. Padding is ensured through widen soft sponge which allows for better comfort and breathability. The frame design is flexible and has cavities to allow for better breathability and prevent fog formation. Apart from snowmobiling, these goggles can be used in various other activities over snow. It comes in 11 different frame colour and 2 different lens shade combinations to choose from.

Pros: Value for money and versatile in usage.

Cons: Issues in fitting with helmets having smaller face openings. The lens is not interchangeable.

  • 100% Racecraft Adult Snowmobile Goggles

Manufactures by 100%, these goggles are a perfect blend of stylish looks and precision engineering allowing for optimum performance under varying conditions as per the demand of usage. These goggles accompany Lexan lenses which are dual pane and have an anti-fog coating to prevent fog formation and ensure unimpaired vision. The goggle also features removable optional nose-guard made up of rubber to provide comfort and warmth to the user in extreme conditions. It houses an oversized foam padding to improve insulation and comfort for the person wearing it. It also has a 45mm thick strap with silicone-lining which ensures no slippage and proper fit over helmets. The goggles are lightweight weighing almost 10.2 ounces only.

Pros: Value for money and good visibility

Cons: Lenses are not interchangeable

  • Scott Hustle Snowcross Snowmobile Goggles

Manufactured by Scott, these pair of goggles are a good offering for snowmobile riders preferring occasional rides for leisure. They are cost-efficient and incorporate the most essential elements desired from an ideal snowmobile goggle. Their lenses offer clear and wide visibility and prevent fog formation. The polar shield nose guard provided in these goggles is very effective in providing warmth and comfort to users in extreme and cold temperatures. The foam padding provided is effective in providing support and breathability to the face. The elastic strap is quite adjustable to fit across helmet well and prevents slippage. Weighing around 11.3 ounces, these goggles are quite lightweight and easy to carry and use.

Pro: Value for money and versatile in usage

Cons: Lenses are not interchangeable and durability is questionable.

  • Scott Hustle X Adult Snowmobile Goggles

Another lucrative offering by Scott, the hustle X adult snowmobile goggles are very easy to use and pocket friendly. Made up of plastic frame, these goggles are very lightweight and house non-polarized, plastic and non-interchangeable lens. The cylindrical double lens made with OptiView technology provides clear visibility and offers resistance to fog formation. The 3 layer foam padding provides a very comfortable fit and breathability. It has an open strap with silicone lining which is adjustable for varying helmet sizes and prevents slippage.

Pros: compact size and handy to use. Cost-efficient

Cons: Lenses are non-interchangeable,


  1. Why are snowmobile goggles important?

The primary usage of goggles in snowmobiling is for protection as it takes place in rugged terrain and when coupled with blowing wind that carries snow and debris, it becomes very difficult to maintain visibility without the goggle protection. Goggles also protect the eyes from injuries and often protect from harmful UV rays coming from the sun.

  • Can the regular ski goggles work for snowmobiling as well?

Lenses used in Ski goggles and snowmobile goggles are usually different owing to different conditions of operation. Snowmobile goggles need to be more flexible and durable. There are few goggles which are compatible with multiple sports and activities. One needs to check with the manufacturer regarding the compatibility of the goggles before using them for snowmobiling.

  • What are the things to keep in mind while selecting the best snowmobile goggles?

The quality of a lens, the frame, foam and padding and straps are the important things to keep in mind while choosing the best snowmobile goggles.

  • What are the types of lenses available?

There are primarily two: polarized and photochromic lens types. A polarized lens is highly recommended but it is slightly priced higher.

  • Do all lenses have anti-fog characteristics?

No. only lenses with a special coating on them and lenses with double panes can resist fog formation.

  • How to select the best frames?

Frames which are more flexible and lightweight and have a proper system to accommodate interchangeable lenses should be preferred over others.

  • How important is foam padding in the goggles?

Foam padding is very important to ensure a proper fit while not compromising on the comfort. Multi-layer padding is always preferable.

  • How to select goggles with best strap designs?

Goggles with adjustable straps should be preferred for fitting them well around helmets of varying sizes. Silicone lining in the straps will offer a greater advantage to prevent slippage of straps while in usage.

  • How to select shades of lens used in goggles?

There is no fixed notion in the selection of shaded of the lens in goggles. Depending on the weather conditions and light conditions in different parts of the day, different shades work effectively. For instance, during foggy and low light conditions, yellow, orange or golden colour lenses work the best. For night and low light conditions, clear lens goggles work the best. Black or grey colour suits best for bright and sunny days and brown or bronze colour suits the best in very bright and sunny conditions.

  1.  What are the benefits of spherical lenses?

Lenses can either be flat or spherical. Flat lenses are usually curved horizontally whereas the spherical lenses are curved vertically as well resulting in better peripheral vision. Due to this, structural difference, light can enter the eyes through a direct path in spherical lenses resulting in reduced visual distortion and glare. Flat lenses are cheaper and easy to produce. But for better and sharp vision, spherical lenses are highly recommended.


Snowmobiling is a great leisure sport and healthy activity to pursue. And to enhance the experience of the sport, it is imperative to keep in mind the basic safety norms and selection of essential gears greatly helps in achieving it.

Of all the gears, goggles play an important role in providing facial safety and clear optical vision without any hindrance. In our pursuit of selecting the best snowmobile goggles, we need to keep in mind certain important aspects or features which play a critical role in the overall performance of the goggles. Same have been discussed in this article. Regardless of the price and complexity of the product, personal comfort and safety are of utmost importance. Therefore, deep research of all popular snowmobile goggles available in the market needs to be done and then one can qualify himself to shortlist the best snowmobile goggles. After having understood the critical aspects of a perfect goggle, we presented before you our list of 10 most recommended snowmobile goggles encompassing all the contemporary technological developments. It is to be noted the products mentioned above do not follow any particular order or sequence. Users need to personally shortlist the right goggles as per their utility and requirements and try them physically once before zeroing upon a particular model. Along with goggles, it is highly recommended to have a separate set of lenses of a different colour for use in different conditions of the day. This is the reason why goggles with interchangeable lens system are recommended over the ones with a fixed lens system. Perfect set of goggles along with a decent helmet and other protective gears will definitely make your experience of snowmobiling quite enjoyable and risk-free. So, stop thinking much and head on to pursue this beautiful leisure sport taking time away from your busy schedule and enjoy with your family and friends amidst nature’s grandeur.

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