Apparent quest for happiness and consequent face of hostility

Happiness is abstract. It is relative, subjective and can be observed from biological as well as philosophical angles. Here the philosophical angle is touched upon and observational viewpoint is expressed.

Most of us, without a doubt, are aspiring to make this world a better place to live. But a serious consideration would be sufficient to convince us of the futility of our efforts in achieving that. No matter how much we try to eradicate the problems of the world, there is hardly any visible difference in the overall scenario from a larger timeline.
One intrinsic problem with every individual is the inherent tendency keep one’s own self over anything else. Everybody hypothetically assumes that he is the key player in the sustenance of the cosmos. And the consequence is incessant struggle to bridge the gap between the expectation and the reality.
But the reality is that the cosmos exists and functions independent of our existence or efforts to maintain it. As Shakespeare rightly told, “The world is a stage and we are actors and actresses playing our individual roles”.  But, we have something more to do than just act.

As a matter of fact, irrespective of any justification, Human beings are meant for some higher purpose in life. This very fact demarcates us from other living entities. And the rhetoric writings of many past as well as present leaders and motivators are testimony to remind us again and again of this reality and the ultimate purpose of our lives. But still, to err is human. We are so much entangled in cynicism that our activities seem to be non-different from any other innocent and helpless living creature. This was not so in earlier days of human civilization. Especially if some considerate study of world history is made, then the Vedic lifestyle comes into picture and such a lifestyle seems so apprehensive to practice these days.
Indeed, current trend is more or less a rat race. People are struggling hard to earn their living and spending their entire human life in vain. This shifting paradigm in our lifestyle is the sole cause of all the visible as well as the dormant problems of the society.

People have forgotten to pay attention to themselves and have stopped to inquire about their real purpose of existence. Our entire life passes in our efforts to maintain our body via Eating, Sleeping, Mating and Defending. Although it may apparently seem to be natural but it isn’t so. Our developed consciousness is meant for some higher purpose. Certainly not to end up being advanced version of animals.

It may sound harsh but the reality cannot be concealed. We need to follow certain rules and regulations in our life and elevate our consciousness to a level that will be exemplary for generations to follow. Nobody is going to survive in this world perpetually so, only by abiding certain higher principles in life, with honesty, it is possible to envision a community free from all chaos and flaws.

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