A rare possession

People are complex. Yet, every individual is unique and beautiful in different ways. Our perception of individuals and their behavior is nothing but a reflection of our own experience and prejudices. Life is a journey in itself. We meet so many people and our interactions often impact our lives to a great extent. A kind gesture can uplift someone’s day while a careless behavior can ruin it bad. In the society of ever increasing complexity and individual struggle, being self aware and being conscious of our own reality is a rare possession. It sounds so trivial and simple but can turn out to be a lifesaver in building good relationships of any kind. Being judgemental is easy and so is being mindful before projecting our shortcomings onto others. All it requires is a shift in paradigm in the way we think before we act.
Often we try our best to develop these qualities and feel equally grateful when reciprocated in similar way from others. It hurts the most when people, whom we care and love, fail to acknowledge our efforts. In deeper relationships, a slightest misunderstanding can be very painful.
Some of us are very fortunate to be gifted with individuals with true sense of allegiance and fidelity. Owing to such nature, they open up to us, share with us each and every incident that may or may not be of our liking. The least we can do is, acknowledge the allegiance. Yet we often end up being passive aggressive and lose all control projecting our insecurities. It results in questioning the trustworthiness, the loyalty. Piety is precious. Innocence is not mainstream. We just need to overlook our reactive nature and embrace the individual and their qualities wholeheartedly.
Life is as beautiful as we make of it. We always have choices and our efforts can make a lot of difference in shaping the consequences.
The best thing we can do is open up, make a honest apology for the mistake. Acknowledge the individual for choosing you over anybody else. And next time someone speaks their heart up, be a good and loyal listener. Feed the trust with life.
Nothing can make the relationship more beautiful and stronger than these tiny gestures and little things.


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