Can truth and integrity overpower lie and deception?

Has it ever happened to you where you were being falsely accused of doing something wrong and questioned on your integrity and the person accusing has the authority to influence someone very close to you? And you feel helpless because you can’t prove your innocence?

If the person shares a sense of trust and confidence with you, you lose out heavily whenever such an incident occurs. Trust is an asset in the bank of relationship between two individuals. They can be your best friends, spouse, parents, children, teacher etc. Every incident of breach of conduct or behavior where standards of ethics are violated, you cash out the asset of trust. It takes lot of time and effort to build the trust and can be lost so easily. If you actually have done something wrong, that makes sense and triggers you to correct yourself and re-establish the trust. This does take time and effort. What hurts the most is when you are actually innocent and you have to pay the price for something you have not done. Not being able to prove your innocence doesn’t not mean the accusation is true. From an external point of view, there can be only one right and the other wrong. In the absence of evidence, fair advantage is given to the individual sharing more trust than the other. It’s all subjective and beyond logical comprehension. And when your innocence is not acknowledged, the frustration is real. The helplessness is unbearable.

Most people would succumb to lower nature and counter lie with lie and deception with deception. The repercussions are painful. One enters into a vicious circle, setting aside all ethics and morality.

What’s important in this case is to introspect heavily on your individual self. You can’t change others especially if they have resorted to lower nature. But you can change yourself or at the least, prepare yourself for any similar thing in the future. Blaming others and trying to justify your situation will only do more harm than any tangible benefit. If a trust is broken, there is no undo button. Only way to preserve the relationship is to act positively on oneself and try to look back at the series of incidents which have contributed towards cashing out of the trust. It’s never a one time affair. If it has happened now, it has happened in the past and will certainly happen in the future and we must be ready to face it.

Every effort you put to improve yourself and in being resilient with honesty and integrity will be a sign to re-establish the trust and confidence. The more you accumulate this precious asset, the less vulnerable you become. Understanding the importance of this asset and preserving it is the key to a peaceful life. No matter how many obstacles come to challenge your virtues and question your character, the asset protects you.

As the popular saying is Sanskrit goes, Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita: “If you protect Dharma, Dharma protects you back.” So never undermine the importance of ethics and righteousness over vices.

Looking forward to hear your reactions on the subject discussed in the comments.

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