Starting off with a quote from the timeless Vedic wisdom

Of the non-existence, there is no endurance and of the eternal, there is no change…….. (BG 2.16)

Hope mere contemplation of the above line lets you revive your lost optimism.

Always thought of finding a resemblance between shades of life and bliss. And here we are!

I’m calling it Hindered Hues… Fathoming ways for esoteric thinking!

Hues are part of life, sometimes distinct and beautiful. Plenty of times, they are hindered. Hindered are those hues that couldn’t have the liberty of spreading all around with their full brilliance and splendor just like the fragrance of a blossoming flower.
To simplify, let your Hues not get hindered by prejudices so artificial.

What do you expect here?

I have my own share of journey in life. Different share of experiences and understanding of things. Here at Hindered Hues, I express my work of contemplation, ideas, thoughts and opinion on several topics of Science, Arts, Philosophy, Literature, Culture, Spirituality, Frequently asked questions, and so on.

You can get to identify various hindrances in our quest for happiness, occurring in your day to day lives, with practical instances and find possible ways to resolve those hindrances, and improve your way of life and thinking in some way.
Thereby, fathoming ways for esoteric thinking

Apart from mentioned content, you can get access to premium artwork and literature as per your request in premium section wherein only members will have access to.

Any sort of suggestion, criticism, comment or thought to share, always welcome!

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