Shackles of Mortality

Birth again, death again,
caught I’m in the shackles of pain,
life is a journey wth dramatic trails,
as I walk alone with melancholic strain

Dualities are part of my existence,
trying to overcome with all my persistence,
In truth, I always believe,
that victory follows honest perseverance

Families, friends, and relatives untroubled,
Knots of relationships keep me entangled,
when mortal loves another mortal,
consequences ought to be crumpled

tormented I am with desires insatiable,
in search of bliss, I render myself pitiable,
when suffering comes, I blame your jurisdiction,
little do I know how majestic is your subjugation

Give me the strength to fight against every odd,
and lead a life to please you oh my Lord,
shackles of mortality have bound me so tight,
who else can free them except you the supreme God?

Soiled Dew Drops

Season’s best gift of nature
the dew-drops so pleasant
to satiate the dryness all over
let’s cherish the drizzling ornament

The Knight of the Night

Beneath the cold glare of the desolate night,
arises a Knight with all vigour and might
to fight against the darkness of pain and ignorance,
he is not scared to ignite the spark of light


Tears of Passion

From infancy to old-age, sure enough to find,
An incessant struggle to quench the thirst of curiosity.
Seemingly satiable, of things so mortal and kind
That has bound us all in this paradigm of hostility. (more…)