zentralisierung-der-supply-chain-organisationThe way numerous organisations all over the world are evolving, growing and competing with time, it invokes a natural impetus for the developers and founders to work astutely on new and innovative strategies to enhance the productivity of their respective dream child organisation. Out of many alternatives, Internship program, literally, appears like a knight in shining armour. Now, one may inquire how come an internship program, which apparently seems to be the result of an act of inclination of several applicants trying to grab a hand of real time experience as well as exposure, really be beneficial for an organisation conducting such program.

Here are some of the insights that I would like to present my understanding and experience regarding the subject matter. (more…)

Importance of identifying our core skills


Of all resources, greatest resource is human resource and it undoubtedly requires sufficient care and development in order for a society to prosper both economically and socially. Apart from a broader perspective, identifying the necessity to make the best out of a precious human life, on an individual platform, is equally important. In its contemporary scenario, finding people with skills befitting their profession and vice versa is very rare. Infact, in the majority of the cases, we find people switching activities, finding no contentment with any of them. Probable reason might be an identity crisis. In the pursuit of making things work the way people like them, or in quest of imitating the way others have been successful, we forget to interact with our own selves. Our personal identity and interests have been subject to constant mutilation, and the end result is very disturbing. This kind of unfortunate development in the lifestyle of people behoves each of us to take a break for some time and think about our real identity and real interests. (more…)